Dr. Suresh Kattera


Dr. Suresh Kattera from Singapore, is a pioneer in IVF with international experience of more than 25 years. He has developed novel technologies and methods to identify and overcome ertilization failures culture & identify the best embryos that make pregnancies, achieve 100 % survival of embryos and identification of disease-free embryas.

Dr. Suresh received his training in the USA, UK, Belgium and italy and has offered his expertise to various IVF centres in India and overseas.

He was responsible for achieving the highest pregnancies in Singapore among all the IVF centres while he was working at the Gleneagles IVF Centre (published by the Ministry of Health, Singapore in 2003). He is first in the world to achieve 100% survival of frozen embryos (published in the restigious journal Fertility & Sterility USA, in 2005 which was the beginning for freeze all strategy of embryos practiced now)

He is the first in the world to show eggs that fail to fertilize after IVF/ICSI can be saved an the same day by developing new methods which is now practiced worldwide (published in the prestigious journal Human Reproduction, UK).

He has refined technique of short co-incubation of eggs and sperm to identify early fertilization to make top quality embryos to replace the age-old method of long incubation (published in the prestigious journal Fertility & sterility USA).

He is an expert to correct abnormal fertilization during IVF/ICSI and was the first in the world to do so in 2003 (published in the prestigious journal Human Reproduction, UK)

He was a team member of the first ever ovarion tissue transplant performed in 2011 in Singapore and probably in Asia He has developed a device to separate motile sperms to increase success of IUl which is widely used in many countries.